Hello, Jordana & JT.

Round 03: Your Print!

Congratulations on making your final selection! I love this one.

I have to do some minor color corrections and prepare the file for printing at large scale. I'm also planning to do a quick test print to make sure I get the finest quality out of the digital edits I've made. All-in the process should take about two-three weeks, depending on the printing queue at Artifact Uprising. My experience has been incredibly swift, so it could be even faster.

I can't wait to see the final piece. Thank you so much.

#021 (VI. White Wilderness)

Pricing Details

Antarctica Print #021: $250

Final Selected Photograph, Size 30x40

Print Management & Materials: $400

Final File Prep, Test Print, Final Print Production, Matting, Frame, Hardware, Shipping & Tax through Artifact Uprising

Total: $650