Hello, Jordana & JT.

Round 01: Many Options

I've pulled together a few of my favorites, focused on bright, bold colors and textures, dramatic barren landscapes, and of course, lots of breathtaking ice. (I've thrown some favorite wildcards in here too.) Let me know which shots or themes speak to you. From there, we can narrow the set that you see here, or we can add a few more specific to a theme you like. We can even explore other areas of interest that aren't represented just yet (penguins?).

For example, feel free to say, "I'd like to see more options in the theme, Floating Minimalism."
Or, "I like the light and colors from #017, are there any more like this?"

You get the idea. Most importantly, have fun and don't be shy about telling me what you like and what you don't like and if there's something more or different you'd rather see. Once we get to a smaller number of options, we can look at them in greater detail and discuss printing quality and paper choices.


I. Floating Minimalism

#001 (There's quite a few similar in this series if you like this kind of shot)




II. Sweeping Landscapes





III. Bright Blue Icebergs





IV. Icy Moods



#015  (There's also a sunny day, "Bright Blue Iceberg" version of this shot)


V. The Night Sky

#017 (There's a few more wider angle shots in this series)

#018 (There's a few like this that are wider with more blues and purples of dusk)

VI. White Wilderness





VII. Ice Up Close





VIII. Noir



IX. Kayakers



And More!

During my short visit to Antarctica, I shot over 9,000 photos! If these images fail to speak to you, I have plenty more and can easily pull together another round. I look forward to your feedback as we select the best one for you.