The Packing Post

I have an iterative approach to packing and it goes a little something like this:

  1. Pack
  2. Sleep on it.
  3. Unpack and remove stuff. Repack.
  4. Sleep on it.
  5. Sleep on it. 
  6. Unpack and remove stuff. Repack.
  7. Sleep on it.
  8. Unpack, remove stuff, add stuff. Repack.
  9. Depart.

I started with a pretty large list, laid it all out on my floor, rolled it all up and packed it all into 1 suitcase (checked), 1 backpack (overhead), 1 small gear bag (under the seat), 1 tube (checked).


Here’s what I’ve got in those bags:

  • Lots of winter clothes/layers. Breathable, tough, polypropylene and fleece. Rolled.
  • Smallish winter coat (to hold me over in Ushuaia, Quark gives passengers a big parka). Poncho, Rain layers.
  • A few comfy lounge clothes for ship meandering and sleeping.
  • Snow(Ski) pants & Waterproof pants. Hiking pants. Rolled.
  • Socks galore. Wool, waterproof, regular, cozy, etc.
  • Gloves & Hats. Multiple. Diving gloves for the Kayak.
  • Polarizing sunglasses. Two. With straps.
  • Waterproof boots (I don’t want to borrow), hiking boots, sneakers, flats.
  • One nice outfit. Rolled.
  • A swimsuit. Though, I doubt I'll "polar plunge."
  • An insane amount of sea sickness remedies like Gravol, Gum, Ginger Chews and Sea Bands (enough for two, in case my cabin-mate is ill prepared).
  • Sunscreen, lotions, chapsticks, Advil, Vicks, cold medicine, general beauty care and travel laundry. Doubled. (Apparently vicks is a helpful tool because penguins are stinky and rubbing a bit under your nose can help.)
  • Super light travel tripod.
  • Camera Gear (see photography post).
  • Packable Herschel Bag in case I need to check another bag on the way home.
  • File folder with every possible confirmation document, shot list, notes, itinerary, etc.
  • A nautical chart of Antarctica to chart locations visited. In the tube.

Some logistics:

  • All camera gear (aside from the tripod) will travel on the plane with me.
  • A change of clothes, hats and gloves will travel on the plane with me.

And that’s about it! I think... When I return, I plan to post some lessons about what I packed -- what I used, I what I didn't need, what I wish I had, etc.