Quick Thanks to Freestyle Adventure Travel

I've been talking a lot about how difficult it was to choose this adventure. I've also been digging deeper into message boards and forums only to discover that this is a very common theme! 

I’ve haven’t shared that I had a lot of help in getting to my decision and have so many folks to thank (coming up in a later post). For now, here's a quick shout out to the travel agency I worked with, Freestyle Adventure Travel.

While I was building the Decision Matrix, I worked Sarah Scott, who was an absolute joy. She talked me through options, places and plans, helped me with discounts, listened as I ruminated and second guessed myself over and over again, and ultimately helped pick the right trip for me! And of course, handled all the booking details.

So, if you're planning a trip to explore the great white continent, haven't decided where to start or need a little help, reach out to Sarah!

Full disclosure: I get nothing at all for posting about Sarah or Freestyle. I just had such a great experience with her and wanted to share.

Photo from Freestyle's Facebook Page.

Photo from Freestyle's Facebook Page.