And Then There Were Two

I've crunched the numbers and The Decision Matrix has surfaced one very clear winner. Of course, my heart is telling me not to rule out Option 2 because visiting the Weddell Sea is super compelling. So, as expected, quantified-decision-making can never be the only way. 

Anyway, here we are the final two:

Option 1: Antarctic Explorer

  • Decision Matrix Score: 28
  • Shorter Itinerary (12 Days)
  • Less Expensive
  • Better Ship & Crew Quality
  • Twin Cabin
  • Highly Recommended
  • Visits all the other spots for gorgeous ice on the West Side of the Peninsula. It's the "classic" version. 

Option 2:  Antarctica and the Weddell Sea

  • Decision Matrix Score: 25
  • Longer Itinerary (15 Days)
  • More Expensive 
  • OK Ship & Crew Quality
  • Quad Cabin 
  • Ship not as favorably recommended
  • Visits the East Side of the Peninsula and the Weddell Sea  Home of huge, tabular icebergs.